Cooling Equipment (minimum) Minimum Efficiencies 13 SEER; pending Energy Modeling
Heating Equipment (minimum) ENERGY STAR Qualified Gas Furnace 90 AFUE; orENERGY STAR Qualified Gas or Oil boiler 85 AFUE; orENERGY STAR Qualified 8.5 HSPF Heat Pump; orOil Furnace 85 AFUE
Thermostat Programmable
Ductwork Leakage maximum: 4 CFM25/ 100 sq. ft. of conditioned floor area, Insulation minimum: R-8 in unconditioned spaces
Envelope Leakage 3 ACH50 maximum; Completed Thermal Bypass Checklist
Flat Ceilings (minimum) R-49 (R-38 with raised heel truss)
Vaulted Ceilings (minimum) R-30 (limited to 500 sq. ft. of ceiling area)
Walls (minimum) R-20 or R-13 + 5 Continuous
Floor (minimum) R-19
Lighting 1275% High Efficiency in Fixtures
Basement or Crawlspace Walls (minimum) R-10 continuous or R-13 cavity
Slab Edge (minimum) R-10 for 2 feet minimum
Windows (maximum) U-Factor Windows < .32 and any SHGC;Skylights < .55 and < any SHGC
Water Heater EF (minimum) Gas or Oil: 40 Gal = 0.61 / 50 Gal =.59 / 75 Gal =0.54OR: Instantaneous Water Heater or Indirect-Fired Storage Tank with boiler
Lighting and AppliancesElectrical kWh Savings 500 kWh or 650 kWh savings required for all NYESLH
Mechanical Ventilation Automatically controlled mechanical ventilation shall be installed according to NYESLH Technical Specifications
Combustion Safety Testing Required for all HERS & ESLH (See NYESLH Technical Specifications)