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heating-and-cooling-loads-calculation-new-yorkBigger is not always better. Especially when it comes to the heating and cooling equipment for your home, This is especially the case with regards to new homes.

Historically, equipment sizing were based solely on a square footage of the conditioned floor area. Rule of thumb was, 500 square feet per ton when they are making their calculations, then round up from there for good measure. That may have worked with older homes, but not anymore. Why, well we have changed they way we build the new house, for example we have paid more attention to the quality of the insulation, we air seal the house to stop drafts which slows down the air changes in the house. We required ducts to be sealed to increase system air flow. We have Low E glass windows installed which reduces solar heat gain a primary source of your cooling load. All of these improvements greatly reduce both the heating and cooling loads. Also, each home can be very different from one to another, percentage of glass to wall area, roof overhangs and orientation of house. The last item worth mentioning is the manual J will give you room by room BTU requirements which help the HVAC contractor properly install his equipment. For heating and cooling loads calculation in New York call Home Energy Solutions to ensure properly sized HVAC solutions for your property 631-673-0664

Heating and Cooling Loads Calculator Home Energy Solutions

A system that is too large will have a negative impact on the comfort of the home as well as the inefficiently of your equipment. You may have thought you were getting high efficiency equipment when you purchased and spent extra money for such but not if it is too large for the house.

Larger systems will;

  • Costs more to purchase and install the larger system
  • Your home might have a “clammy” feeling in the air due to the system not dehumidifying the air because it didn’t run long enough
  • The system turning on and off frequently resulting in it having a shorter lifespan or “short cycling”

There is another very important reason to install an HVAC system of the correct size. It is a requirement of not only ENERGY STAR new homes program but also NYS energy code as well. HVAC systems cannot be over-sized by more than 15%.

A guideline known as Manual J explains the correct way to size an air conditioning system. This protocol was developed by the trade association Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).

With the software that is available today, a room-by-room load calculation can be done to accurately determine the correct size of the HVAC system that is needed for your home. This system will perform at maximum efficiency and you will avoid all of the aforementioned problems.

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You can always visit NYS Division of Building Standards and Codes here and NYS Energy Research and Development Authority here for more information.